2016 Contributions Letter

Dear Team Family:

"To give annually, by way of the equivalent of one days wage to pay for the material needs and the expansion of the movement to which the couples are particularly indebted for their deeper spiritual life”. (Charter of the Teams of Our Lady)

Although many people give their time freely and unassisted weekly, there is always a monetary need for printing materials, postage, travel, and training leadership plus other expenses associated with any volunteer organization. It is not just a question of providing for the material needs of Teams of Our Lady here in the USA, but also for the growth and development of Teams in the World. The USA is assessed a tithe which is sent to the international movement in order to help pay the expenses of the movement in underdeveloped nations.

The challenge for couples will be to turn the contribution attitude into:
a) faith response and an opening to the Word of God which will bring us out of ourselves to place us completely in the hands of God.
b) an opportunity to cooperate in the welcome of so many couples who through
Teams of Our Lady try to find a path to holiness in their married life.

On a personal level, we have had the opportunity to pilot and oversee the piloting of new teams and the enthusiasm and the commitment is a witness to the need to support and spread the “good news of Teams of Our Lady”.

Teams of Our Lady has no source of income other than the financial support of its members. When Teams of Our Lady came into existence, it was decided to ask each couple in Teams throughout the world to contribute annually the equivalent of one days wages thus being equitable to all couples no matter their economic status.

Teams of Our Lady is asking for your financial support once again. Your continued support will help USA Super Region to grow and continue the “Mission" of Teams of Our Lady.

You can contribute by “check” or “bill pay”. (With bill pay you can spread your contribution throughout the year.)

Please remember to note on your check or bill pay your Sector and Team number (if additional space allows put Region)

The bill pay or mailing address is:

Teams of Our Lady, P.O. Box 1485, Turlock, CA 95381-1485

Steve & Glynis Sturm
Finance Couple USA Super Region

Jorge & Noelia Sousa
Leadership Couple USA Super Region

(online contributions will be available in the near future)

See distribution of expenses below.